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Collaborative working receives national recognition (28/05/2021)

Knights Pharmacy, Escomb Road, Bishop Auckland, was one of the first community pharmacy C19 vaccination sites in the country.

Thanks to the efforts of Knights staff, led by superintendent pharmacist, Pete Horrocks, the centre has helped massively with the vaccination drive, providing a service to local residents and those from further afield. Early in the process, the pharmacy and Bishop Auckland Primary Care Network (PCN), realised that the effectiveness of their services would be increased by working collaboratively. Through a process of joint working, the pharmacy and PCN have been able to maximise the number of people vaccinated by offering convenient times and availability.

Their approach has received national recognition. Pete and Sarah Westgarth, Practice Manager at Station View Medical Centre (the surgery co-located with Knights Pharmacy) were invited to attend an event hosted by Boris Johnson at Number 10 Downing Street on 24th May. Less than 20 NHS staff members were in attendance and Pete was the only pharmacist.

The LPC would like to congratulate Pete, all the staff at the vaccination centre and partner organisations, for their huge contribution to the fight against COVID

Community Pharmacy opening hours on May, Spring, Summer bank holidays (Tees Valley and Co. Durham) (20/04/2021)

Community Pharmacies in the Tees Valley and Co Durham will continue to provide a service, albeit a reduced one, on the three forthcoming bank holidays. Click below for details of pharmacy opening times.

County Durham
Tees Valley

This information is provided to us by NHS England and NHS Improvement but may be subject to change. We recommend that you telephone a Pharmacy to check they are open and can provide the service you need before you set off.

Prescription charge rise (26/02/2021)

The NHS Prescription Charge will rise to £9.35 for each item prescribed from 1st April 2021.

Some items may have more than one charge, e.g. elastic hosiery; a member of the pharmacy team will explain if that is the case.

The NHS prescription charge is a contribution to the NHS; it is not a payment to the pharmacy and it is not related to the cost of your medicine(s). If you need more than 12 prescriptions a year, you could save money with a Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC). PPCs offer savings for those needing four or more items in three months, or 12 or more items in a year. The price of a three-month PPC will become £30.25 and a 12-month PPC will be £108.10 – ask a member of the pharmacy team for more details.

Prescriptions are free for some people – ask a member of the pharmacy team for advice or visit:

Co Durham pharmacy embraces collaborative working in the fight against Covid 19 (18/02/2021)

Knights Pharmacy, Escomb Road, Bishop Auckland, one of the first community pharmacy C19 vaccination sites in the country, is working closely with the local PCN and GP practices to deliver a high quality and efficient service for patients. Visit the PSNC website for further information.

A range of services available from your local pharmacy (updated November 2017)

Your local community pharmacy provides a wide range of services over and above the dispensing of your medicines. Click on the link below to access an information leaflet detailing what those services are. Not all pharmacies provide all the services listed: if you visit a pharmacy and they don’t provide the service you need they will signpost you to the nearest pharmacy that will be able to help you.

Services from County Durham & Darlington Pharmacies


Sexual Health Services – Co Durham and Darlington (01/11/16)

For up to date sexual health information and local timetables visit:

Make use of your local pharmacist

Gone are the days when the white-coated pharmacist stayed in the back of the shop counting out pills and checking medicine bottles. Nowadays, although pharmacists still carry out their core business of making up prescriptions, they are also kept busy providing expert advice to their customers.

Choose WellNewton Aycliffe pharmacist Rob Pitt reckons he talks to between 40 and 50 people every day, sometimes over the counter and sometimes for a more confidential chat in a private part of the shop.

“ If someone has tried self treatment for a condition, for example, a sniffley nose in winter, and they are still not happy with it, they can come to us. When I can help with treatment, I will or I might advise people to go to their GP or signpost them to other places they can get help.

`’Usually we are not restricted by appointments and some pharmacies are open at least six days a week. So people can drop in at a time that’s convenient to them and get one to one advice for minor ailments like coughs, headaches or diarrhoea. Or they can phone us if they prefer.”

Most people have a pharmacy close to their homes – in fact nationally, 96% of the population have a shop within 20 minutes of where they live. And often people find they can talk more freely in an informal chat with their pharmacist, who is a highly skilled health professional with at least five years training and practical experience.

Pharmacy: the Heart of our Community

Heart of our Community logoPharmacies are highly trusted providers at the heart of the communities where people live and work;

Pharmacies are highly accessible (99% of people in England can get to a pharmacy within 20 minutes) and offer free and confidential health advice without the need for an appointment;

Pharmacists and their teams provide a wide range of clinical and wellbeing services (including weight management, stop smoking, substance misuse programmes, sexual health testing and NHS Health Checks);

Pharmacies are moving ever closer to becoming ‘healthy living centres', catering for the broad public health needs of the whole community

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